Online ADA staking pool

We believe ADA to Come and Stay our King

Fixed Fee 

0.00 ADA

Pool Margin

4 %

Soft release

v. 0.8.9-30d20d

How to delegate to our pool

1. Download and install one of the official wallets below

2. Choose our delegation pool

Ticker: ASK
ID: 8fac5e6c4503f0716e4823e8ed31aab7e247f71ed5ee122c90b5d0c0ccc9e42c

3. Enjoy your rewards

DAEDALUS Wallet v. 2.0.1-ITN1

To learn more how to delegate your stake using Daedalus, follow the

step-by-step instruction
Download for windowsDownload for MAC OS

YOROI Wallet

Check whether your balance was successfully captured, browse stake pools, and delegate your stake using the Yoroi Wallet.


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